The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses Chaka Zulu’s Innocence After He is Charged with Murder (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed Chaka Zulu’s innocence after he was charged with murder. Zulu, the long-time music executive and manager of rapper Ludacris, has been accused of murder, aggravated assault, simple battery, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, according to arrest warrants, said Shirley Strawberry.

    Zulu, whose real name is Ahmed Obafemi, is accused of fatally shooting a 23-year-old man in the chest, grazing another man in the leg, and assaulting a third man by slamming his head against a window outside of Apt 4B restaurant in Atlanta, back in June. 52-year-old Zulu turned himself in last week and posted a $200,000 bond, said Strawberry.

    Zulu and another man were shot in the back; however, Zulu was the only person arrested. Zulu’s lawyer issued a statement saying: “A close review of all the evidence, including the surveillance footage and eye-witness interviews, reveals that Mr. Zulu was attacked and jumped from behind by a gang of at least four individuals, sadly including the decedent, and was forced to defend himself after this gang repeatedly stomped punched, and kicked him while he was on the ground in a defenseless posture. Mr. Zulu was shot in the back during the shooting and nearly lost his life and is still recovering from the nearly fatal injuries he sustained that evening. It is not lost on Mr. Zulu that someone lost his life. But had Mr. Zulu not lawfully defended himself, Mr. Zulu would have been killed that night.”

    Steve Harvey said he knows Zulu and he is a good person and businessman. Harvey hopes Zulu’s attorney is correct with the defense. Just because a person is charged does not mean they are guilty. Harvey says he does not believe Zulu would have been the aggressor in this situation because he is not that type of person.


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