The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Who Questions Husband’s Behavior During Tailgating Party: “Innocent Fun” is not Cheating (Video)


    The Steve Harvey Morning show discussed a woman who suspected her husband was getting too friendly with a woman during a tailgating party. The woman said her husband was a diehard football fan, and they met in college. Both the husband and wife attended an HBCU. They enjoy taking their RV and tailgating at football games, which they have done for years, said Shirley Strawberry.

    The woman had surgery, so she missed one of their tailgating parties. During the party, a friend had a FaceTime with the recovering wife a couple of times. The first call was to rub it in that the woman had to miss the party because of surgery. The second time the friend called was to show the wife a video of a small redhead woman sitting on her husband’s leg. There were also three strange women in the RV that the wife did not recognize.

    The wife was upset about the FaceTime video and confronted the husband, who denied any wrongdoing, explained Strawberry. The wife said she was so angry she wanted to burn the whole RV down with her husband in it.

    Strawberry said it seemed as if the husband was waiting for the wife to take a day off so he could have some fun. However, a woman sitting on a man’s lap is not considered “innocent fun,” informed Strawberry. Strawberry also said the wife should be upset with the friend for being “messy” and FaceTiming her during the tailgating party because the friend should “mind her own business.”

    Steve Harvey said the friend only FaceTimed the wife to show the woman on her husband’s lap because she was jealous of the wife and was not a good friend. The FaceTiming friend was jealous of the wife and everything she had, argued Harvey. Instead of burning down the RV, the wife should get “rid” of the “messy” friend, he added.

    Harvey said the wife should not jump to conclusions about her husband because he was not doing anything deceitful. “That’s all it was, innocent fun,” said Harvey.

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