The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Man Who Could Get Sent Back to Prison Because of His Cheating Girlfriend: “Be as Nice to Her as You Possibly Can While She’s in Your Home” (video)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a man who could get sent back to prison because of his cheating girlfriend. The man said he had made a mistake and came home to a situation that was “worse than prison.” The man wrote into the morning show to say that he was released from state prison a few months ago, said Shirley Strawberry. During his 23-month stint behind bars, he made plans to marry his girlfriend and be with her when he was released.

    The girlfriend turned into a “conniving, cheating, and immature person,” said the letter writer. While in prison, the man said his girlfriend was cheating with a gentleman she had brought to his house frequently. Strawberry noted that on top of that, the man complained that his house was filthy. In addition to the infidelity and bad housekeeping, the woman had “run up” her boyfriend’s credit cards and mismanaged funds, informed the radio host.

    The man said he had tried to end the relationship with the woman. However, she does not want to move out of the house she claims is hers. Because of his legal situation, he cannot contact the police because he will be sent “back to jail.” He does not want to inform his parole officer of the problem because he does not want to get anyone “in his business like that.” Unable to “raise” his voice or “touch a hair” on her head, the man said he was unsure what to do.

    Strawberry said that the man’s best approach to dealing with his unwanted house guest was to “be as nice to her” as he could while she was in his home because the boyfriend’s priority was to stay out of prison. The man must build a support system and deal with people that have his back, such as family, suggested Strawberry. Learning his homeowner’s rights and gaining new friends could help him solve his problem. The main objective was not to let the girlfriend find out “anything,” said Strawberry.

    “You can get her out of your house. It’s just going to take a plan,” informed Strawberry.

    Steve Harvey was sympathetic to the homeowner’s situation. “Boy were you wrong when you came to a situation worse than prison,” said the radio DJ. He added that the “lesson is in the breakup” and said the man should be relieved that he did not marry the woman before he learned the true nature of her character.

    Harvey agreed with Strawberry that staying out of prison was most important for the man. The radio host advised the boyfriend to stay away from home as much as possible and take legal action against the woman, such as taking out a restraining order.


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