The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Talks to Licensed Therapist Yunetta Spring, About Dispelling Therapy Myths (Video)


The Rickey Smiley Morning Show talked to licensed therapist Yunetta Spring about the importance of therapy. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Spring said she wanted to dispel the myth that therapy is sad and depressing.

“Sometimes I’m hearing a lot of people say how is talking about my problem going to help the situation… Talking about my problem is not going to help me feel better, so I don’t want to do it,” said Spring.

Sometimes the solution is buried within the problem, said Spring. When the issue is addressed, sometimes the information given can help find the needed solution.

“Therapy is not just doom and gloom. Me and my clients, we have a good time in therapy,” informed Spring. “It can be fun.”

Spring said it is essential for people to know their resources. According to Spring, resources are strengths and qualities people have within themselves.

It is not easy to see or believe in these qualities, at times, because of a person’s present circumstances, condition, or previous experiences.

“It can be really empowering to just not focus on just where you are, but really looking at what did it take for you to get to where you are,” said Spring.

Everyone has a specific set of skills to help them maintain their day-to-day functions and survive, explained Spring. Therapy can sometimes help you talk about that and dig that up.

“Our brains are wired to find things that are a threat. Things that are dangerous, to kind of gear towards the negative. So we have to be really intentional about finding the good and finding our strengths,” said Spring.

She added that therapy can help individuals rewire their brains, so they do not always look for the bad.

“Therapy can help out with optimism,” said Rickey Smiley. “I was having that conversation with my son yesterday, and we were just talking about [it]. I said today was a good day; let’s build on that. Tomorrow might be a bad day but remember yesterday was a good day.”

Spring said three things help a person find their inner resources. Thinking about a time when a situation caused pride, when an obstacle was defeated, and what brings inner happiness, joy and motivation will help an individual tap into internal resources.

“If you can identify what those things are when those things kind of show up for you, you can most likely find some really valuable resources to use,” Spring said.

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