The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses Why Women Usually Get Custody Rights Over Fathers (VIDEO)


The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed why women usually get custody rights over men. Attorney Bobby Edmonds came on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show to discuss parenting rights. Edmonds said she specializes in fathers’ rights, although she believes it’s essential for children to have both parents in their lives.

“It is [in] the best interest of the children that both parents are involved, and so mothers out there don’t deny the fathers their rights. Fathers get your rights established by law,” said Edmonds.

Parents often live together, but that does not establish fathers’ rights. The parental advocate advised the father to establish a lawsuit while getting along with the mother. With established paternity comes visitation and child support, and the children are happier.

Rickey smiley wanted to know why when a man and woman break up, why does the woman automatically get custody of the children? Edmond said it is because the mother has birthed the child and the father has to establish paternity.

Judges are fairer to men than they have been in the past. However, Edmonds said fathers must establish their rights first.

“The men must put forward their evidence. Get your lawyer… we have these father’s rights organizations, but the father’s rights organizations give them a pathway. A lot of them don’t go into court with them,” said Edmonds.

A lawyer is essential because if the father does not know how to file the proper paperwork and present his evidence correctly, he could lose his case in court.

Volunteer attorneys are available for fathers who cannot afford legal representation. Legal Aid is also available to help men who need an attorney. The Attorney General can also help fathers establish legal rights.

Smiley said for men to do what they must to establish custody of their kids, even if that means working an extra job.

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