The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses the Root Causes of Racism with Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump (Video)


The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed the root causes of racism in America with civil rights attorney Ben Crump. Rickey Smiley said that it is unbelievable when a trip to the grocery store turns deadly. Sadly, that was the case in Buffalo, NY, when an 18-year-old gunman clad in military gear attacked store shoppers and workers.

Ten people were killed in the attack, and another three were injured, said Smiley. All of the victims who died were Black.

Civil Rights, and personal injury attorney, Ben Crump has been retained by the family of the oldest victim of the Buffalo supermarket shooting, 86-year-old Ruth Whitfield.

“We’re dealing with this tragedy where this White supremacist specifically, Rickey, intended to kill as many Black people as possible. That is said on his manifesto,” said Crump.

The shooter scouted out the store and targeted as many black people as he could during the shooting, explained Crump. Allegedly, there was a White person in the store. The shooter aimed the gun at the individual, got ready to pull the trigger, and said sorry, explained Crump.

“That just tells you the kind of hatred in this 18-year-old kid’s heart,” said Crump.

We must tell Biden and the Democrats to pass the Anti-Black Hate Crime Bill, argued Crump. There is no excuse not to pass the bill, he said.

“You did it last year with the Anti-Asian Hate Crime Bill, but now why can’t you do it with us?” said Crump.

Ruth Whitfield’s legacy should be that we will get a positive change out of this tragedy, said Crump.

Ruth Whitfield’s son, Garnell Whitfield, joined in the conversation to talk about his mother.

“My mother had just left the nursing home where she [went] on a daily basis taking care of our father… She goes there every day to take care of him,” said Garnell Whitfield.

Ruth Whitfield had just left the nursing home and decided to stop by the store on the way home, to pick up groceries, and that is when she encountered the individual, said Garnell Whitfield.

Crump questioned how the 18-year-old shooter could get such high-caliber weaponry in the first place. Rickey Smiley said the gun laws and media influence may have played a part.

“Not only is it about holding accountable this young man who committed this hateful act, its about holding accountable those who curate this hate,” said Crump.

The issue is White supremacy, and America has to deal with that problem, said Crump. The root of the problem is the internet websites inspiring hate, he continued.

“We plan on investigating all these websites and stuff that this kid visited and suing them, trying to hold them accountable just like the Black woman that sued the KKK years ago,” said Crump.

He added that if no action is taken, the massacre could happen again in anyone’s community.

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