The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses Kelly Rowland Being Compared to Beyoncé: “We Both Shine Together” (video)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed Kelly Rowland being compared to Beyoncé. Rowland said she is tired of people saying she is second to Beyoncé. In a radio interview, Rowland said, “light attracts light, honey. I am light. I am beautiful brown shining light. I don’t think anybody’s light dims anybody else’s. I think that when other people try to compare you… that shows how dim they are to themselves. I love B. I know she’s light, but I’m a light too. We both shine together.”

    Gary said that the “Kisses Down Low” singer should not have made her comments because she sounded as if she was throwing shade. The megastar is a light, but Beyoncé is a chandelier, added Gary. Da Brat disagreed and said, “Kelly is a Chandelier too.”

    Rickey Smiley said Rowland should not be asked comparison questions between her and Beyoncé. Questions like that are only asked to keep up “confusion” and “pit” people against each other. He added that if the Freddy vs. Jason actress had said something different, her words would have been “twisted” and “ran” with.

    Smiley was glad to hear Rowland put herself on the same pedestal as Beyoncé. “What is somebody supposed to say? Yeah, she is a bigger light than me.” Da Brad agreed with Smiley. “You’re supposed to put yourself on a pedestal,” she said. “If don’t nobody else do it, you better do it,” she said.

    Rowland could have taken a different approach and minimized her success, said Da Brat. “You know Beyonce is a star,” could have been the singer’s answer, said Da Brat. The morning show host said the two singers “are on the same team,” and Rowland is not putting anyone down.

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