The Reason You See Fast Food Commercials at Night

 Ever wonder why you see a barrage of fast food commercials at night?

Well, there’s a good reason for it. First, to make you realize how convenient it would be to skip making a healthy lunch at home in the morning, the second reason is at lunchtime you’ll be thinking about the cheeseburger or a chicken sandwich if you saw the night before with dripping cheese and sauce.

But if that doesn’t work, then you also see Pizza commercials super sugary coffee commercials, or pizza commercials. Nothing that we would most likely eat at night right?

If you really give it some thought it makes no sense to show fast-food commercials at night when all the fast food places are already closed and it is totally an advertising subliminal effort to get you thinking about food overnight and then going to get it in the morning or for lunch.

It probably contributes to our inability to lose weight as well. After all who wants to make a boring lunch to take to work or you can stop at Popeyes and get a big fried chicken sandwich with fries and a soda loaded with sugar.

Most people are not aware of how advertising works but this is actually a very effective method. What we go to bed thinking about locks itself in our sub-conscience and we find ourselves craving it within the next day or two.

So the next time you see a lot of food commercials at night you’ll know that it’s a setup to get you thinking about eating fast food. The question is are you going to do it the next day.

In addition when you really think about it if what you go to bed with lodges into your subconscious then it is also true that positive affirmations will work at bedtime too!

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