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The RadioFacts Top 10 Urban PDs of ALL Time is now OUT OF CONTROL!!! Final Nominees Posted

 /><a rel= width=RadioFacts is Urban Central, the urban industry’s leading, most read and 100% dedicated urban site. Enough of that, we have a bit of news for you. The RadioFacts Top 10 Urban PDs of all Time is officially OF CONTROL. The industry’s top brass has voted, have you voted? Don’t sleep on the BIGGEST most unique contest in Urban Radio history paying respect to the past, present and future LEGENDS in urban radio.

PLEASE NOTE: kevRoss does NOT pick the candidates… YOU DO/ by voting.   In addition, I have heard from many sources that people are STILL talking and debating about our last contest. “The Top 10 Urban DJs of All Time.” GREAT! When the winners are posted for this , don’t talk sh… if you didn’t vote. VOTE NOW.

“Kevin, another great idea you’ve come up with. Keep thinking outside the box and keeping it real son…”

Voters made these comments about Nominees, can you guess who they are talking about?

“A real LEADER and Urban formatics genius.”

“Proud to haved worked w/him”

“He is always encouraging, and informative.”

“He’s very aggressive, and immediate, with implementation, but fair!”

“There is no other to compare to him, he was in a class of his own…..”

“If I don’t vote for myself no one else might!”

“He is an amazing human, focused in his job to make up for lost time in other industries.”

“Watch out for this guy in 2011 and do not leave him off the list.”

“THANK YOU for allowing me the honor to vote for these great men.”

“He’s an advocate and very protective of Urban music and Black radio.”

“He mentored so many young people like me who wanted to get into radio/media business.”

“These programmers made the radio station and events everyday. and promotions were stellar.   They taught us to think outside the box.”

“He can still find time for each and every member on his team.”

“She is fair, knowledgeable, popular and a all around good .”

“His intelligence and approach to programming was far ahead of the rest.”   He had a vision,a winning attitude and a respect for talent that is second to none.”

“I owe a lot of my success to him,he saw in me what i didn’t and allowed me to achieve things i never dreamed of.”

“He is the BEST urban programmer in the business today. He’s the last of a breed.”

“His programming style in the early 70’s was a blueprint for me”

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PFUNK December 9, 2010 at 1:39 pm

There is NO WAY you can have a list of “best urban programmers” and NOT have Keith naftaly on the list!
He is an urban PD Legend! He changed the face of urban radio! period. Be it he’s a (whiteboy) in an african american (now) dominated position BUT still LEGEND in this catagory! Thanks Kevin

-Paul “PFUNK” Ramirez

Kevin December 9, 2010 at 2:16 pm

Hey P, Voters created the candidates and Keith’s name was not included. Finally, there are other white men on the list who voters voted in.


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