Are Black People Investing in COVID Vaccines?


The debate rages on all over social media, will you take the vaccine or will you pass on the vaccine for COVID? That is truly an understandable debate especially with this country’s history regarding the health and safety of Black people.

The one question I’m not hearing enough about is – will you invest in the vaccine? Honestly, people may be talking about it but I just haven’t really witnessed it much in social arenas, however many of us are taught not to discuss money publicly.

I dabble in the stock market and with two major companies competing to release their vaccines, I had a feeling their stocks would be soaring at some point.

Moderna and Pfizer are two main companies creating the COVID vaccine and both with high efficacy rates. Moderna’s one advantage is that their vaccine can be stored in a standard refrigerator while Pfizer’s has to be stored at -94 degrees Fahrenheit.

This may suggest why Moderna is currently up about 153% and Pfizer is up about 54%. Either way, if you invested in either of these companies before the vaccine hoopla you would be doing pretty well.

We are not offering financial advice just curious about your stance. Carry on with the debate.

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