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The New York Mets Have Their brother’s Back

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The New York Mets’ Dominic Smith spoke out on racism in America and he was emotional as he detailed how the most difficult part is that people don’t care. When you continuously see Black people shot and mistreated by law enforcement and there are no consequences to the actions, but the man shot seven times can be handcuffed to his hospital bed; you can’t help but think America does not care about Black people. He explained to everyone listening the pain of being Black in America. You could feel his pain and his hurt, but so many still will not listen; they will not care.

His team heard him, his team felt his pain and on Thursday he led the team out of the dugout. The team bowed their heads for 42 seconds of silence; 42 to match Jackie Robinson’s number. Lewis Brinson of the Marlins draped a Black Lives Matter shirt across home plate. After the moment of silence both teams walked off the field and did not play. The team was moved by Dominic Smith and when their brother is hurt they stand with him in the fight for America to care about Black people. It is amazing that this is actually a thing Black people have to ask; asking to MATTER, just MATTER it is remarkably insane.

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