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The Dual Message in Tyrese's New Breakdown on Social Media


Digital and Radio Facts: Mental illness runs DEEP in the black community but so do many other things that we are not able or willing to address. Just go to any prison or psychiatric facility and ask any of your friends if someone in their family is mentally ill and I can bet they will say yes. You don't have the history of black people in this country and walk away without generational and biological residual effects.
It's hard to believe that Tyrese's mental problems are a laughing matter to some when it is beyond obvious he is screaming for help. To make matters worse, someone else is filming this. Jada Pinkett and Will Smith have denied giving the singer/actor Tyrese 5 Million dollars for his legal bills and to stay off social media (according to TMZ) but all of what makes no sense makes sense when it comes to mental illness. Tyrese's rant against Dwayne Johnson and the response from the otherwise charismatic Johnson was also unfortunate.
I am not a big fan of social media but when running a business it's a necessary evil. The two messages this sends is how disconnected we have become with each other and the other is privacy. When social media becomes our friend, therapist, and religion, we are in trouble. Hope Tyrese gets the help that he needs.


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