The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Honors Escaped Slaves (VIDEO)


The Daily Show with Trevor Noah honored slaves who escaped captivity. June is a special month for Black people because of Juneteenth, a holiday celebrating when slavery ended on June 19, 1865, said Roy Wood Jr.

Many thinks slavery ended in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln, but it, in fact, ended 2 1/2 years later. Wood said he wanted to celebrate Juneteenth by talking about enslaved people who celebrated their freedom earlier than the rest.

Henry “Box” Brown was a Virginian enslaved person who snuck inside a wooden crate and shipped himself to Philadelphia where he could live as a freeman. The trip took 27 grueling hours. Luckily, Brown arrived safely in Philadelphia and turned his story into a stage act.

Another enslaved person who took his freedom into his own hands was Lewis Williams. He escaped slavery twice. After his first escape, he was caught and brought to trial, but he got a look-alike to switch places with him in the courtroom. When the court realized what had happened, Williams had escaped again.

The most heartwarming story of escape came from William and Ellen Craft. The two enslaved people got married and decided to run away together. Because Ellen had light skin, they designed a plan for her to dress in men’s clothing, wrap her head in bandages, and pose as an injured white man. Williams posed as her servant, and the two boarded a train heading north.

The next time Juneteenth comes around, remember the stories of heroic enslaved people, said Wood.

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