The CEO of the Company that Owns Kid Kraddick Morning Show Accused of Serious Sexual Offence

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The man at the helms of affairs of the company that owns the nationally televised Kidd Kraddick Morning show has been accused of a grave sexual offence.

George Laughlin, who has been nicknamed “power player” by industry publications, is the CEO of YEA Networks, which is based in Las Colinas.

Laughlin has been charged with sexually abusing an under-age child repeatedly. Despite denying the allegations, he has surrendered himself to the Dallas County Jail.

His attorney revealed that Laughlin is being accused of repeatedly abusing a young child a decade ago. He also clears the air that the child was not a participant of the Kidd’s Kids foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by the late Kidd Kraddick. The attorney insists that Laughlin is innocent, and he will do everything within the law to exonerate him of what he terms “false allegations.”

According to reports, Laughlin has been cooperating with the Dallas detectives, and he has passed a polygraph flawlessly.

In the wake of the allegations, the co-host of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, Kellie Rasberry issued the statements below:

“I would not work for a man if I thought there was one shred of truth to this. I know him as a man, and I know his character. I’ve seen him with children for 25 years. I believe him 100 percent. I pray that the truth comes out.”

Laughlin was later released on Tuesday on his recognizance and an agreement to appear in court when the time arrives. There is still no word from any alleged victim and no comment from the Kidd’s Kids Foundation and YEA Networks



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