The Bubble Is Getting Company


The NBA has created a plan for families to join the Bubble. Players have been missing their families for a month and are looking forward to seeing them. Players must provide proof of a long-standing relationship with non-family members on their list. A casual acquaintance or someone only known via social media or intermediary will not be allowed to join them in the bubble.

The teams will be given hotel rooms for their guests and they are allowed 4 guests plus exceptions for children. Once the families enter the bubble they will not be allowed to leave the bubble unless there is an emergency. The family members will need to clear quarantine; this can be done by August 31st. The guests on the list will be allowed to attend games. People that can’t be added the list are: agents, chefs, trainers, therapists, hair stylists and tattoo artists.

The bubble has been great for some players, but others have really missed their biggest supporters and loved ones will enhance the playoffs experience for others. I commend the NBA, who seems to get it right more times than they get it wrong. This is going to be a true test for the success of the bubble as people who have been outside the bubble join the players and personnel. Stay tuned…

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