The Breakfast Club Radio Show Interviews Judge Faith Jerkins

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Judge Faith Jenkins takes the stand on The Breakfast Club Radio Show to talk about her syndicated show, how to represent someone who has committed a heinous crime and much more.
  • -Thoughts on Judge Judy
  • – How she got her start in law
  • – Public Defenders
  • – The harsh laws in Louisiana
  • – How do you represent someone that you know is guilty?
  • – Plaxico Burress
  • – Parkland shooting
  • – Zimmerman trial
  • – OJ
  • – The craziest case you had on TV
  • – She had no interest in being a judge at first
  • – What’s your passion?
  • – Being a Miss America runner-up
  • – Did you want to be a singer?
  • – What did your parents do?
  • – Queens of Court



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