The Breakfast Club Radio Show Interviews G Eazy

Radio Facts:

The Breakfast Club Radio Show interviews G Eazy where they talk about his past substance abuse, white rapper privilege, and much more!!  

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– The Beautiful and the Damned

– Personal struggles

– Battles with drugs and alcohol

– When were you outta control

– New whisky

– Big on astrology

– Being crazy

– H&M situation

– Hard getting accepted in Hip Hop

– Working with A$AP Rocky

– Doing drugs with Halsey

– Partying with Diddy

– Why he’s having no kids

– Are there any white privileges in the music industry

– When did you become aware of your privilege

– Working with E-40

– Finding step-mom overdose

– Not being culture vulture

– Who are you’re industry friends

– The tour

– Best country with the best p**sy

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