The Breakfast Club Discusses Twista’s Gun Safety Course (VIDEO)


The Breakfast Club announced Twista’s gun safety course. Twista spoke about gun violence and how it is a huge issue in Chicago. He also has a gun safety camp. While on TMZ Live, he discussed his firearm education course, the Gun Camp, where he trains civilians to be smarter with their weapons.

Twista said he learned about firearms like a lot of other people have, so he developed negative perceptions. Once the rapper became a firearm instructor and a competitive shooter, he said, he viewed firearms from a different angle. Now he teaches the youth about firearm safety. So that “people will have a different perception about firearms and maybe it will cause people to go out and do different things and think more about being defensive-minded and protecting others more so than things of negativity.”

The co-host agreed with the rapper’s stance on gun control, he added that it is” crazy” that someone can obtain a firearm at the age of 21 with no training. The Breakfast Club DJ added that he got a gun at a young age without knowing much about weapons and, as he aged and matured, he learned gun safety.

The proper way to use a gun, and defensive techniques were taught in the gun classes, said the radio host. Gun laws vary by state, such as in New Jersey a person is not allowed to shoot anyone if they are outside of the residence, and they are running away, he informed.

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