The Breakfast Club Asks: Have You Ever Traded Anything For Sex? (VIDEO)


This Friday’s edition of Freaky Friday on the Breakfast Club featured a question from Soul Food actor Rockmond Dunbar. Rockmond was celebrating his 50th birthday and had posted on social media “50 years old today, 30 years in this business, never sold my soul or my ass****”

Charlamagne talked about how he was molested as a child and had to do what the older woman wanted. He continued to say that he has been in situations in the music business where the woman would make it seem like if he didn’t do what she wanted him to do sexually, she would fire him.

Charlemagne adamantly denied the existence of an ‘iconic’ picture of him sitting on Wendy William’s lap. 

DJ Envy directed the question to Jason Lee, asking him, “You never sat on somebody’s lap?”, to which he responded, “Santa, but he wasn’t feeling my a**. There has never been an oversized white man whose lap I wanted to sit on for sexual pleasure.”

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