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The Biggest RadioFacts Stories of 2012

Lauryn Hill

The Biggest RadioFacts of 2012

Here we are at year’s end and we tallied up the BIGGEST stories of the year. We put them in order by page views from #1 on down so in is the top story of the year with the MOST page views. We did not include many of our top 10s for various reasons’ mostly because we are not trying to give industry competitors a heads up on what brings in the biggest numbers but we can tell you many of our top 10s did place here, we just didn’t list them.   If you want to read the original story, click the title or the link above the story. To that end, unless major news comes up, we are officially on vacation. We look forward to a GREAT new year with some big surprises!!! Stay tuned. Have an AMAZING Christmas and a prosperous New Year. (click the “Next” button)



# 1. Whitney Houston in Casket

This was by far our biggest story of the year. People just wanted to to see what she looked like in the casket which is kind of morbid but perhaps they just wanted to remember her that way. Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since she passed.
whitney in casket


frank ski leaving V103https://radiofacts.com/frank-ski-leaving-V103atlanta/

#2. Frank Ski Leaves V103 After 14 Years!

This very recent story was the 2nd biggest story in 2012 for RadioFacts

#4. Hazel Gordy Pic.

Here is another story that miffed us. People are FACINATED with Berry Gordy’s daughter and Jermaine Jackson’s Ex Wife Hazel Gordy. Here she is at Michael Jackson’s funeral (smiling in the background). This remains one of the HOTTEST stories in RadioFacts . Perhaps we should interview her. One sad irony many people thought she was dead. They confuse her for Tito Jackson’s wife Dolores, the Puerto Rican beauty who drowned in the pool. Her and Tito’s three sons 3T once had a singing group.
hazel gordy, radiofacts

Lauryn Hill Releases Statement about Industry Corruption

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill went left telling her story about industry corruption and why she stayed out of the industry for so long. It was a very interesting story

Best Unsung Episodes Thus Far


Unsung is one of TVOne’s Biggest Hit shows and the RadioFacts audience LOVES everything that we print about it

6 Reasons Why Blacks Contribute to Corporate Racism

Black folks perhaps unbeknown-st to them, at times actually CONTRIBUTE to corporate racism by trying to score points with the bosses

Blacks contribute to corporate racism

Singer Dee Harvey Dies

Singer Dee Harvey Died recently and we were shocked at the outpouring of response to him. He had one R&B hit “Leave Well Enough Alone” and spent the rest of his career on the road touring with other artists like Rod Stewart (Dee is in the Center)

Dee Harvey

9 Cruel Truths about the Music and Radio Industry

This story was HUGE and many people wrote us back to tell us that it could relate to ANY industry. It’s the sad truth about aging in the industry.


10 Worst Kinds of Urban Program Directors

Another HUGE hit, this one just came out a couple of weeks ago and is still one one of our biggest stories.

Jamillah Muhammad Addresses her departure from Radio One Programming Position

Jamillah Muhammad is probably one of the bravest black people in . She took a stand this year and exposed the problems with her former employer that everyone knew about but nobody would say. She continues to do well promoting gospel acts and staying active outside of .

Jamillah Muhammad


Robert DeBarge Dies

Robert DeBarge

Robert DeBarge never got his chance to speak but he had an unfavorable reputation as the father of the talented DeBarge family. One could only IMAGINE what a white man must have gone through back in the 50s and 60s for marrying a black woman and having a bunch of kids. It’s no wonder that his life and theirs was so miserable. While we have all heard rumors, we may never know the secrets behind what really took place with this family.


Mary J BLige will Cringe When she Sees This

Mary j blige

We are sure Mary was either cringing or laughing like most people where when this young girl sang one of her songs, very inappropriately at a FUNERAL. You have to click the title and see the video if you haven’t

Don Cornelius Funeral Program

Ice T and Coco’s Antics

Three Members of Soul For Real Indicted

Soul For RealFor those of us who have worked in the music industry, we have seen many tragic stories like this of very young kids becoming stars then hitting rock bottom, especially . Life my be pure hell to feel like you are washed up at 20


TD Jakes Discount Pharmacy

TD JakesCan’t explain this one but people LOVE this card. We always love TD’s motivational messages but his arrogance and use of the Bible is sometimes… we’ll leave that alone…


Where is Monique

Whitney’s Family Discovers the Culprit who Took Casket Picture

Whitney Houston

You would be surprised at how many stars are very lonely and who befriend people out of that loneliness who don’t mean them well. This could be a case of that. Not sure if it was every conformed that he was the one who took the picture but he was certainly the biggest suspect. Don’t know who this guy is or what he does but he was able to befriend Whitney

Kevin Brown exits KBLX

TV One’s New Unsung Episodes

Unsung Tammie Terrell

Tammie Terrell

Out of ALL the Unsungs, THIS ONE is the BIGGEST and MOST POPULAR. This story is still huge in RadioFacts and fans can’t get enough of the great singer who died before she reached 25. People love her and want to know more about her.

AJ Appleberry Dies

AJ appleberry

This picture has such irony. He had just asked me to be his FaceBook friend that weekend. So unfortunate

Dwayne Alexander Stabbed to Death

Dwayne AlexanderThis was a very unfortunate story a great industry man who’s goal was to help others was working for a youth organization and stabbed to death by one of the students. He worked in the music industry but was driven to be a screen writer.

Racist Pre Presidential Election Image

This was disgusting and the level of stress before President Obama won was through the roof. Those who wanted him to win wanted him to win badly and those who wanted to win was the same.

Model Christina Salgado Joins Cast of the Bad Girls Club

Christina Salgado

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