The Art Dive’s Kev Ross Gears up for “Trailblazers” Coffee Table Sketch Collection of Industry Stars

Berry Gordy

(sketch of industry legend Mr. Berry Gordy by Kev Ross

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been posting some of my collection of sketch art for the industry and I’ve been approached numerous times to do some sort of industry tribute collection. My team and several industry people think this is a great idea and I have to admit this will be a LOT of work and I’d like your input (and pre-orders, I’m not stupid) (lol) to determine if this will be done. We are in the early stages but we’re planning four series: ” The Art Dive: “Trailblazers,”   “Legends,” “Radio Revolutionaries” and “Music’s Finest.

” Each issue will contain 15 sketched images by me, Kev Ross of people (dead or alive) that the industry thinks deserve the honor to be in this rare collection. This has never been done before by anyone in or out of the industry and it is an opportunity for an incredible honor for the people who have made worthwhile contributions to our great industry. The order of the issues may change but the first issue will be “Trailblazers.”

Trailblazers will feature the music and radio industry superstars who dared and succeeded against the odds. Mr. Berry Gordy will be our first feature along with 14 others.

This issue will include sketches with a short bio and quotes from industry notables about each person in a beautifully laid-out over sized coffee table art book. Our industry, especially the Black side, is unfortunately not often chronicled or featured in history and this is the main reason that we want to do it. There will be a hefty but affordable price tag on this book and we’d like your input, ideas of comments before we do a national press release to announce the first edition.

There will be discounted pre-orders available and we will donate a part of the proceeds to a worthy industry charity of our choice.   If we decide to move forth with the series, we will ask the industry to vote on who will be in each issue. The most votes for each person will garner them a spot and sketch in this rare collection.

Comments, suggestions about the issue? Contact [email protected] com.

Would you like to donate to the series now? You can do so here. .



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