The 10 Worst Kinds of Urban Program Directors


Radio Facts:

radio factsThe 10 WORST Kinds of Urban Radio Program Directors

This certainly doesn’t apply to MOST Black PDs but there are a lucky few. This is not only based on constant complaints we get from radio people in ALL formats, this is based on my own personal experience. I have worked for at least one so called “Program Director” who fits ALL of the sections below. YIKES. I have also been a programmer and I understand both sides. Enjoy…

1. Know it All…

arrogantThere are some PDs who will constantly regurgitate their tenure in the industry and how much they know. They will also refuse any ideas that come their way and if they do accept them they will take the credit.   Let us be the first to tell you what you’ve DONE is not as important as what you’re DOING and nobody gives a shit about your past. If anything, it makes you look old as hell. When you stop learning you stop growing.

2. Total Crook

We have all known a PD like this, the most important thing to him is to have an insane playlist that’s all over the place and lacks direction. I could ALWAYS tell when a PD was all about that thing, that thing that thiiiiiiiiiiiiiihining just by listening to the station. Believe it or not, it still happens, of course to stations that are not corporate owned. The corporations are too busy finding their own ways to get that thing. A PD who is a total crook will be totally blackballed when he or she gets fired. What do you have to show for your crooketry? Certainly not impressive numbers.

3. Jealous of On Air Staff

This has got to be the worst. A so called PD who never got the radio announcer thing down pat who is jealous of the on air staff who run circles around his skills. This may sound impossible but it’s true. I worked for one PD like this and he was a MONSTER. Looking back on this it’s pretty sad that you have a managerial position but your self worth is so low that you compete with your own staff? Great winning combination! Good luck when the industry kicks you to the curb.

4. Research Addict

 width=Do you really need a research company without one single black person working for them to tell you what black people like to eat, drink and do? If so, your ghetto passport has been rejected. While you look over the top of your glasses at black folks in the barber shop, remember the fat black lady with the blue hair, huge titties and swollen ankles frying chicken in the neighborhood that you grew up in. Just know, it’s OK to act like you’re not black but when the corporation is done stealing your ideas and dumpin’ your ass don’t come back home.

5. Takes all the Credit

 width=You would be amazed at how many 50 year old black PDs want to take the credit for Nicki Minaj’s latest hit. If I worked for a label, I would let you THINK you are responsible then laugh at your ass with my staff as soon as I hang up the phone.

6. Favor Based

One hand washes the other? Those days are gone. 

7. Lacks Fairness

Hiring your friends or some fine ass unskilled woman off the street in front of announcers who are next in line for a promotion is a wise mistake for a damn fool. Talk about staff morale? You’re going to have to pay twice: A REAL PD knows that if you want a ho buy a prostitute but keep the station out of it if you want to win. Now if the woman has skills, that’s a different story, it all boils down to marketing and PPM.

8. Complete Corporate Ass Suckist

This is repulsive. Kissing so much corporate ass you have brown lips and your whole face smells like shit. Be a man or a woman and stand up for SOMETHING at least SOMETIMES. If you lose…. following their horrid advice about black listeners, they’re going to fire you anyway.

9. Only Looks out for Himself/Herself

I can’t really blame a PD for this, shit in this economy and industry? You can however look our for yourself AND the staff.

10. Shady to Industry People

I can’t tell you how many PDs are so high on the pedestal when they are rollin’ they have a secretary for a secretary fora   secretary answer their phones. There have been NUMEROUS times that PDs (the dumb few) who have treated me like shit during my industry career needed me and didn’t know it. I have gotten calls for references as late as this year for jobs for at least one PD that treated me like shit for a damn good PD gig.I can think of another particular PD right now who I started off in the industry with who became so big his head looked like The Elephant Man but he has fallen off HARD and is not working today and you NEVER hear his name anymore. He didn’t take my calls and I had not heard from him in 10 years but he asked to be my FaceBook friend recently.   I thought, Oh what a tangled web we weave… As the old industry saying goes treat everyone with respect, you never know who you may need. Of course I don’t give a shit about that. I don’t WANT to work in radio again.