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Teddy Riley Attacks Own Daughter but Fights Back, 'I Would Do It Again'

Restrained Teddy Riley Fights Back, “I Would Do It Again”

Teddy Riley Award-winning producer Teddy Riley is not only restrained from coming within 100 yards of his daughter but seems to be content with allegedly beating her with a gaming device.

Just prior to deleting his Twitter account, Riley reportedly said “I did it for a , and i would do it again for them to get it. don’t disrespect the hand that feeds you”.

As previously reported, Riley is due in court next month on charges stemming from an alleged attack just prior to Christmas (December 23).

According to documents obtained by , Riley’s 18-year-old daughter Taja Riley obtained a temporary restraining order against her father this week, claiming he abused her and her older sister by “stomping, punching and bashing them” at his Los area home.

Claiming to have suffered several injuries, including a contusion on her face, Taja Riley told officials her father “lifted a Rock Band guitar and threatened to kill person(s) with it”.

The Riley’s are due to appear in court next month.

Teddy Riley, often recognized for his work with Blackstreet and , is also noted for producing singles for the likes of Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown.

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