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TECH: More Than just a “Sex Doll” Designer Creates Version that says “No” if She’s Not in the Mood

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Arran Lee Wright sitting with his sex assistant, Samantha, who he states is now a part of the family during TV Interview
Tech Talk: Laugh if you want to and I will be laughing with you but they are becoming MORE than just Sex dolls. These “assistants” are retailing at an average $4000 to $10,000 each, are all the rage in the UK and the trend is rapidly growing in America with ethnic dolls designed to the buyer’s specifics. Some factories have repeatedly run out of silicone after taking orders from black men. In addition, some men are requesting more ‘tude from their toys to enhance the relationship. Yep, these men are looking for more than ‘just sex.’ The best selling “Samantha” pictured with its fiance above was created by Dr. Sergi Santos, who is also an engineer. The relationships between several men and these units may be cause for concern or maybe not, I mean don’t we all have our own lives to live?Some men (and women, yes they have male dolls too including a male doll named”Dante” now on backorder for the next 7 years especially from old white ladies) are having full on relationships with their toys, running errands with them in tow and driving them around the city. Some are even having dinner with them in restaurants and sitting at bars and having drinks. Can you imagine seeing a man in the carpool lane with a sex doll in the passenger seat? It’s impossible to crack up and drive so this could be a hazard to all parties.”Samantha” per the instructions of the wife of the creator, Dr. Sergi Santos, of the popular gadget, has been infused with a moral code. She’ll now say things like “I ate too much and I have gas.” then fart? Greeeaaaat? In addition, she will not be treated as a sex object … um, wait a minute? Anyway, she will say “no” when she is not in the mood or sleep in late and refuse to get clean up. What’s next? I wonder how many people reading this are more intrigued by the idea than laughing (or both).  Whatever floats your boat … sail on. 


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