Tea Party and Conservatives Enraged Because President Obama Has his Foot on the Desk? Look, We have Even MORE pics

With all the insanity going on in the world, members of the Tea Party as well as some Conservatives are outraged by the picture taken recently stating President Obama is disrespecting the Oval Office (yawn). We wanted to post even more pictures for them to be upset about. (click “Next” after each pic above or below)r-OBAMAOVALOFFICE-403xFB-1

President Bush did it too… (Oh, that’s OK)


WOW, Look Ford did it too (Oh, it’s OK again)


He’s sitting on the desk AND talking to a young black kid in the Oval Office? When does the disrespect end?


Hands on Hips in the Oval Office? REALLY?


Leaning on the Couch in the Oval Office? Has he no Shame?


Signing Papers in the Oval Office? What Nerve!

President Barack Obama Signs Payroll Tax Bill

Petting a Dog in the Oval Office? Tsk Tsk!


On the Phone in the Oval Office? Just NO Respect!


Looking under the Desk at the Oval Office? There is NO excuse…


Another Picture of his feet on the Desk. Let us Pray


Another Picture… We QUIT


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