Radio Facts: Speaking on Charlamagne's latest book – “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me” – Bishop T.D. said “I've never read a book where the author was so transparent”, Charlamagne then spoke about how he has become more vulnerable, “I think going to therapy the past couple years has made me vulnerable, or maybe it's not even therapy, maybe its the fact of turning 40 this year, being the father of three young girls, being married, life has made me more vulnerable”.

The two also spoke about social media and how it affects people and their mental state, especially the youth today. Part of their conversation shifted to how people don't ever show their imperfections on mistakes on social media with Charlamagne saying, “Social media is painting this unattainable picture of perfection”. Bishop T.D. also agreed with Charlamagne on his comparison of social media to crack, including that the cyber energy that we have right now is blocking us from interacting and being apart of the real world.

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