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Black Teen Sues Over Unlawful Arrest After Purchasing $350 Belt

This is one of those stories that really  make you say WTF or maybe ponder the question, what year is this?In the post-racial Obama era, (sarcasm), a 19-year-old college student from Queens says he was handcuffed and locked up in a holding cell after he purchased, YES,  I said purchased a $350 designer belt at Barneys on New York's Madison Avenue because he is "a young black man."Trayon Christian told NBC 4 New York on

Q Parker Drops a Baby Making Music Video for “Yes”

Former 112 member, Q Parker released the video for his steamy R&song, "Yes." Peep the visuals below.

Tim Hardaway Attempting to Repair his image

I sincerely doubt Tim will have much luck. It's almost comical to see black male stars fight so hard NOT to say negative...

KEVIN’S SUMMARY: A Woman’s Feet/Cross-Dressing Exec/Radio’s Calling Me

I love to see a woman with clean feet and stylish expensive shoes. Perhaps this is why so many women have shoe addictions because they know men like nice feet and the shoes bring attention to them. It takes a certain kind of woman to pull it off.

KEVIN'S SUMMARY: A Woman's Feet/Cross-Dressing Exec/Radio's Calling Me

Radio Facts: I love to see a woman with clean feet and stylish expensive shoes. Perhaps this is why so many women...

Charlamagne Tha God and Lil Duval Move to MTV for Nick Cannon Produced Show “Hatin'”

Welcome to the art of self promotion radio people.... if you never take a chance, the outcome is a guaranteed no, if you do, you have a 50% chance of YES! Congrats to Charlamagne Tha God and Duval who after testing the waters with their Hood State of The Union clips, ONLINE...

Pennies from Kevin Returns: Online Radio Show from Kevin

https://cache.mypodcast.com/cached/penniesfromkevin_20090305_0342-392443-188847-2-25.mp3Yes, it's back. Pennies from Kevin the online radio show about everything from Urban music to Obscure sh.... Here is the first show....

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