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Valuable Sites for Aspiring Music Publishers

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How important is music publishing? Well, in 2017 consumer spending on music generated more than $20 billion but music businesses, including labels and publishers, took...

Dubset Merges Efforts with HFA’s Rumblefish, Unlocks Royalties for DJ Mixes and Remixes

Kevin Ross
Dubset Media, a company bringing transparency, control, and DJ mix royalties to music rightsholders, announced today its strategic relationship with HFA's Rumblefish, the best-in-class music...
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Songwriters Guild of America Announces That Negotiated Changes

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Radio Facts: Proposed changes to the Music Modernization Act would give greater representation to music creators and independent publishers seeking a voice in how they...
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10 Best Questions to Ask When Selecting a Digital Music Distributor

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10 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Digital Music Distributor… When it comes to selecting a digital music distributor to get your music on sites...