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Tommy Mottola Publishes Tell All Memoir Includes Clash with Michael Jackson

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"He's a mean racist, and very, very, very devilish," said Michael Jackson of record label executive Tommy Mottola famously at a press conference in 2002,...
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Ten Things Martin Luther King Jr Might Be Surprised, Disappointed or Inspired by Today.

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Even Dr. King would probably be surprised that there is a black president in the white house. He would not be surprised by the thinly...
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KEVIN’S SUMMARY: Coming Clean about a few things, The State of the Industry

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Greetings friends. I have to admit, the advertising freeze is hurting EVERYBODY on this side of the industry. I’m sure the labels are being BOMBARDED...
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TOO MUCH FOR TUESDAY: Black Folks and Chicken, What Gives? New Popeye’s Spokeswoman: Repulsive (vid)

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" UPDATE: The corporation has toned down the character and she's much better... 2/2012 I have seen the Popeye's Spokeswoman "The Chicken Queen" (Yes, I...