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Quincy Jones’ QWEST TV announces virtual press conference, November 3

Qwest TV, Quincy Jones’ video-on-demand service featuring jazz, funk, soul and world music, is announcing a worldwide press conference to be held virtually on November 3.

Quincy Jones Invests In Jammcard, 'LinkedIn for Musicians'

Radio Facts: Legendary producer Quincy Jones, recently honored in the TIFF-premiered documentary "Quincy", has invested in invite-only Jammcard, a social network startup for musicians, in its initial $1 million seed funding round.Two of the features promised by Jammcard are its exclusive, members-only events and its networking and connecting functions, allowing members to acquire musician services easily.  These functions have recently

Quincy Jones Launches Music Education Application

Quincy Jones is definitely not letting his age stop him from being the innovator he has always been. Outside of producing his young pop group "Blush,' the renowned producer says he has co-created the music version of Rosetta Stone.

“BLUSH” Signs With Legendary Music Producer Quincy Jones

Global girl group BLUSH announce today, signing with Quincy Jones , who will be their Executive Producer of their upcoming album and future productions. The group is currently in the studio working with Quincy's producers on their debut full-length album (release date TBA).
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Lil Wayne has to Pay 2 Million to Quincy Jones III for Tha Carter

Great stars don't make the best businessmen all the time. Rapper and music industry superstar Lil Wayne has lost his court battle against Quincy Jones III over the documentary Tha Carter. Quincy filed a counter-suit against him claiming that Wayne prevented the release of the film and hurting the profit margin.

Quincy Jones Said What?: “Diddy Wouldn’t Know A B Flat If It Hit Him”

Quincy Jones is probably the most influential person in the music industry as he has lent his musical talents to everyone from Ray Charles...

10 Celebrity Headphone Trends: Dre, Jay Z, Ludacris and more

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