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White Guy Stabs a Police Officer and Is Still Breathing (VIDEO)

How many times have we witnessed on camera some Black person being shot and killed by an officer for running away, selling CD's, sitting in car, or just being Black? That is a rhetorical question of course. [...]

Seattle Cop Leisurely Rolls His Bike Over the Head of an Injured Protester

It's almost like a script - an unarmed Black person is killed, people protest, and then the level of policing the protesters further perpetuates the problem. The level of disrespect by some of these officers is horrendous. [...]

Cops Knock Black Man Out of His Wheelchair During Protest (VIDEO)

Another day, another incident between the police and a Black man. During a protest in Los Angeles, a man who was later identified as Joshua Wilson, can be seen in this video scuffling with the LAPD. As the officers were trying to detain Mr. [...]



Transgender Woman in Car with Teddy Pendergrass Tells her side of...

Radio Facts: Teddy Pendergrass Car Accident - Transgender Woman in Accident with the Late Teddy Pendergrass Finally Speaks Out In 1982, Teddy Pendergrass was on top of the world. He had just exited the group that gave him his start, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. [...]