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Legendary Balladeer James Ingram has Died

Radio Facts: Super talented 80's singer James Ingram has died at 66Undeniably one of the most powerful singers of his time.Early on in my industry career, I loved to play various promo records from WUFO in Buffalo that my good friend Melody, who was an intern, would bring home. [...]

Former Urban/KMOJ DJ Killed After Police Taser Him

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Originally posted December 10, 2008 – At press time, it's not known what caused the death of [...]

Homecoming Service for International Opera Star Jessye Norman Set with 4-Day Weeklong Services and...

Radio Facts: The family of international opera star Jessye Norman announces today through the family spokesperson, Gwendolyn Quinn, the Homegoing Service, and the weeklong services and celebrations. The funeral is set for Saturday, October 12, 2019, at the William B. [...]

Veteran Radio Personality Guy Brody Memorial 

Radio Facts: REMEMBERING GUY BRODYVeteran Radio Personality Guy Brody Memorial Veteran On-Air Personality Guy Brody passed away on August 6th, 2019 at an Atlanta area facility. For many decades, Guy influenced radio markets such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, New York, and Dallas. [...]

Industry Vet Bob Slade has Died

Radio Facts: The WBLS/Hot 97/WLIB family mourns the passing of Bob Slade.  Bob passed peacefully Sunday after being hospitalized for illness relating to long-term kidney disease.  Bob Slade who’s real name was Robert McCants served the Greater NYC Radio community for over 40 years.  He mentored journalists and on-air talent [...]
Reggie Rutheford

Reggie Rutherford, Veteran Operations and Stage manager, Dies at 66

Radio Facts: Reggie Rutherford, veteran Operations and Stage manager for numerous television shows, died March 10 in Los Angeles, CA. [...]

PD Dies from Complications of Massive Stroke

Radio Facts: Former radio PD, GM & owner Cliff Fletcher passed away Thursday, March 7th from complications stemming from a massive stroke back in 2004.During the late 70’s and early 80’s Mr. [...]

Music Vet Harvey Scales has Died

Radio Facts: Music composer and singer Harvey Scales, 78, has passed. He got his start in Milwaukee, WI before becoming a nationally successful songwriter. He has written for such groups as The O'Jays, The Dramatics, The Dells, and many others. [...]

REPORT: Rasheed Constantine Najm of Nappy Headz has Died?

Radio Facts has been informed by a source that Rasheed Constantine Najm of the group Nappy Headz has died. According to sources, he passed yesterday. He had been on dialysis for more than a decade. [...]

Industry Vet Cliff Winston has Died

Digital and Radio Facts: I am incredibly disappointed and sad to report this as it hits close to home. Cliff Winston was a true industry friend who was often a mentor to me on several occasions during my industry career. [...]
R&B Singer Major Harris has Died

R&B Singer Major Harris has Died

Digital and Radio Facts: Major Harris' biggest smash was a song that is still popular today and has been recorded many times by other artists. [...]