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Black Man Confronts Gentrifier Who Gives Middle Finger to an 8-Year-Old Kid

This is a classic story of gentrification privilege at its finest.

Comedian Bill Burr Calls Out White Women for Hijacking the Woke Movement on SNL

Comedian Bill Burr has been in the game for a long time. He finally got his chance to host SNL and he did not hold back at all. [...]

Amanda Seales: Whiteness is Nothing to be Proud Of

Fresh off hosting the virtual version of the 2020 BET Awards, Amanda Seales is still out here being her best unapologetic Black self. In response to a Karen stating she believes in "White Power," Amanda delivers a rousing yet insightful speech on the concept of whiteness. [...]

CAREN Act Introduced to Put an End to Racially Motivated 911 Calls

It was all good for Karen's about a week ago - well, maybe not all good because a few of these women have lost their jobs and gained some unwanted attention due to their discriminatory shenanigans. [...]