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Convicted Felon Conrad Murray’s Lawyers Fight for His Release

Convicted Felon Conrad Murray's Lawyers Fight for His ReleaseRecording artist, entertainer, dancer, actor, businessman Michael Jackson was killed nearly four years ago as result of involuntary manslaughter. Convicted felon Conrad Murray has served little over one year into his four year prison sentence for the crime.Attorneys J.

In WTF Are You Thinking News: Surveillance Footage of GunPlay pulling Gun on His...

Rapper Gunplay has already turned himself in for the footage you see on this video and his lawyers are confident they can get...

Nelly & Crew Detained for Marijuana, Heroin, & Gun Possession

Its getting hot in here...at least for Nelly it is.  The 37-year-old rapper was passing through the Sierra Blanca border patrol, the...

GREAT NEWS! 4 Black Teens Arrested in Chicago Beating Death (vid)

Radio Facts: I know you could care less if these 4 teens rot in jail or what happens to them while they are there but you will be glad to know they are off the streets and more arrests are coming."

NEWSFLASH: Three members of Soul for Real will be indicted on 145 counts of...

Radio Facts: For those of us who have worked in the music industry, we have seen many tragic stories like this of very young kids becoming stars then hitting rock bottom, especially black kids.