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Dear Momma: Tupac's Mom Suing E1 for $1.1 Million Over Her Son's Music

Dear Momma: Tupac’s Mom Suing E1 for $1.1 Million Over Her Son’s Music

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: The lyrics go, "I appreciate you raised me and all the extra love that you gave me." Tupac's mom is...
Tigger Canned from WPGC... on his Birthday? 1

Tigger Canned from WPGC… on his Birthday?

Radio Facts: It's kind of odd thinking that Big Tigger has been on the air for 20 years now.   Looks like that ended...

NEW RADIO TRENDS? Full Time Extinct? Airtime to Advertisers? DJs at 1/2 Price?

As the industry changes and corporations are looking for ways to save money two trends appear to be on the rise that...