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Mister Cee Picked the Wrong Drag Queen at the Right Time

 Yesterday, after the news broke, Mister Cee posted  what appeared to be a tweet that was laced with shame, guilt and self blame for his deemed unacceptable sexuality and desire for "trannies" or Drag Queens.  ironically, it appears that Mister Cee being gay is not the pun of jokes as much as the attraction to Drag Queens.

Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) Drops Kevin Frazier Daily Segment?

I actually had a disagreement with a friend about this when Kevin Frazier was hired for TJMS. I told her he would not connect with the audience and it would not work but I had no idea it would last for 2 years (the usual contract term perhaps?). I would have cut that sheet WAY before then. My friend disagreed with me. I should have bet her money.Kevin is GREAT on the Insider but what in Cactus Ass, Nevada made Tom hire him for the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) ? Lawd Je.