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Warner Bros. Plans Job Cuts Across All Divisions – 01/21/2009

Radio Facts: warner bros. continued the run of large media companies reacting to the economic climate by cutting jobs, saying it would eliminate about 7.5% of its existing workforce; it will not fill 200 more open positions. [...]

Indie 103.1: Has Radio Run Its Course

Radio Facts: Southern California residents were saddened to learn that Indie 103.1, a long-running radio station known for playing the edgy music that "corporate" stations wouldn't touch, is ceasing to broadcast today. [...]

OH NO: Homicide Statistics Rise For Black Youths

Radio Facts: The number of homicides involving black youths " as victims and perpetrators " surged by more than 30 percent from 2002 to 2007, even as overall murder rates across the U.S. [...]

6 Unusual High-Paying Careers

Radio Facts: American job titles and responsibilities are constantly morphing to suit the economic and cultural transitions of our madcap age. Euphemisms are often the way recruiters dress up old job titles to narrow the field to specialists. [...]

Is Christmas Overrated?

Radio Facts: Looking at the suicides and the tragedies that have taken place during Christmas, I was left to ponder.... Is Christmas overrated? I for one had a great day yesterday but I have one major complaint. [...]