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5 MORE and NEW Reason to Join RFSN: Mix DJs, Air Checks, PDs Etc…

1. Several People have found work and Jobs being a member of RFSN. As the industry begins to open up more and the online community changes there will also be many great paying positions coming for industry people online starting next year. [...]

Nate Quick's Untimely Death Shows Listener's Interest in DJs

Radio Facts: For many years, urban radio has tried desperately to claim the music as the star of the station... [...]

5 Good Reasons to Join the Urban Industry's 1st Social Network: RFSN

Radio Facts: 1. You never know where you will be tomorrow. Networking is paramount but opportunities are limited in today's industry. RFSN is the first urban industry Social Networking group 2. This gives you a chance to give back. What you give, you get back 10 times. [...]

Michael Jackson Dominates Charts AGAIN! Fans Snap Up 1.1 Million Albums In One Week

Radio Facts: BILLBOARD Reports The King of Pop dominates the Nielsen SoundScan and Billboard charts yet again. Based on preliminary sales numbers from Nielsen SoundScan, Michael Jackson's catalog of solo albums sold a mighty 1.1 million copies in the U.S. [...]

Elroy Smith Featured in Philadelphia Enquirer/Talks about state of the industry

One of Digital and Radio Facts favorite innovative urban programmers Elroy Smith is featured in the Philadelphia Enquirer this weekend and he talks about the state of radio..... -------------------------- Cutbacks, double shifts:The static of hard times. Radio is losing ad dollars, while listening dips slightly. [...]

BUSTED: Should Tom Joyner Be Embarrassed by Video and Betrayal of Chicago Newspapers?

Radio Facts: Tom Joyner 's video thanking listeners for their support in getting his radio show back on the air in Chicago appears to be a bit "decorated" but he actually never says they did it, he eludes to it though... [...]

WOW: Huge Industry Legend Goes LEFT: What do you think about this statement….

Radio Facts: A legend in the industry who chooses to remain anonymous sent this comment to me about the industry today. What do you think? (video of Jim Jones getting Tattoo) "...So talented youth rises. [...]

OH NO: It Came and Went? Streetz 102.9 is Off the Air

Radio Facts: See what time you read it here then watch the other pu..y trades copy the story from us (they could AT LEAST give us credit) Jesus and all the Disciples. Was the media pressure too much, did Radio One attorney's win out already? Streetz 102.9 is gone... [...]

Hegwood Hiding? AJC Reporter Tracks Down Offices of Streetz 102.9

Radio Facts: Rodney Ho, the Atlanta Journal and Constitution's media reporter informed us yesterday that he went by to ask Steve Hegwood a few questions about Streetz 102.9. Apparently, Atlantans are just as interested   in the situation as the indsuty is. [...]
Twee fall Down but Twee Get Tup: Donnie McClurkin Signs his new Book 1

Twee fall Down but Twee Get Tup: Donnie McClurkin Signs his new Book

Radio Facts: There are some thing's you just KNOW but ... Gospel person Donnie McClurkin promotes "We All Are On" anyway at J&R Music and Computer World yesterday in New York City. [...]


Radio Facts: Hot 97 Music Director & [...]

LIVESTEEZ – Oprah Walks Away From $1.2 Million Exclusive 'Octomom' Footage

Radio Facts: Oprah Winfrey's people reportedly shut down negotiations to air exclusive video and pictures of the "Octomom" giving birth to her eight babies when reps for the mother of 14 started soliciting money. [...]

RF TIP: How to Prevent Yourself from Getting Screwed by Car Mechanics

Radio Facts: I know this is an industry site but I also know that I can do whatever the fook I want on it. The other day I went to have my SUV repaired, which now has over 100,000 miles on it. [...]

OH NO: DJ Electrocuted Last Year Died and gets Reunion bash

Radio Facts: The Washington Inn is hosting an '80s party this Saturday to benefit a disc Radio DJey who died last year. Party Force Entertainers & DJs, together with inn owner Jim Brooke, welcome "all Washington Inn alumni and guests" from 7 p.m. till midnight Saturday. [...]