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2 Women Accused of Robbing a Man and Running Him Over for Jay Z...

Apparently the thirst is real in these streets for tickets to see Hov.

Pebbles Daughter Ashley States Chilli did WHAT to LA Reid? Moreover…who cares?

The whole TLC drama continues to piss Pebbles and now her daughter Ashley off. Ashley states Chilli sucked LA Reid's … The more Pebbles and her daughter respond to the allegations the more believable and credible TLC is.

Miami DJ Betty Pino Dies from Cosmetic Surgery

Radio Facts: Originally posted on 2013-10-16 03:44:01 Unfortunately, the pressure for women to look young and hot has reached a boiling point. A 65-Year-Old Spanish Language DJ in Miami, Betty Pino, died of  Sepsis (see footnote).


Miss Robbie Montgomery, the feisty star of the hit OWN docu-series "Welcome to Sweetie Pie's," has released a new original song and accompanying music video "Do the Sweetie Pie," available today on www.oprah.com/SweetiePiesMusicVideo.Written by Miss Robbie's son Tim Norman, "Do the Sweetie Pie" is based on a "slide dance" performed by the 73 year-old restaurant owner who spends

Obamacare Patients Get New Mobile Doctor Search

Patient Fusion, the online health platform, today launched mobile medical appointment booking. Patients can find and instantly book medical appointments on-the-go from their smartphone or tablet devices. This free feature will be available for the estimated 14 million newly-insured Americans to use when they are looking for doctors at the beginning of next year.

Radio Vet Kesha Monk Tells her Story, Creates Blog

EDITOR'S NOTE: Kudos to Kesha for coming clean and being so forthcoming about her condition.I started working as a radio personality in 1995. I've...
adam yauch

Adam “MCA” Yauch Bestie Boys Members Dies

Originally posted on 2012-05-04 10:31:31 Radio Facts has learned that Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch aka MCA has died. One of our heroes, Adam Yauch aka MCA of the Beastie Boys, passed away this morning after a long bout with cancer. Yauch co-founded Beastie Boys in 1979 with Mike D, Mix Master Mike and Ad Roc.
Jennifer Hudson, radiofacts.com

Amazing: WOW Jennifer Hudson (pics)

Jennifer went from frumpy to certified banger stats in almost 2 years. She has proven what many doctors have said for decades, losing weight is not a quick fix. Weight Watchers is said to be THE absolute best weight loss program ever created. Jennifer doesn't have that 'lost weight too quick' look.

Former DJ Battles Breast Cancer

Radio Facts: Omega Jones, a former longtime radio announcer in the Fayetteville Metro market, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. "I was diagnosed on March 1," she said. "Yep, March came in like a lion." But don't feel sorry for this woman. Jones won't have it. "I am enjoying life. I feel good," she said last week.

Rumor? Michael Jackson Needs a Lung Transplant

Radio Facts: Michael Jackson is ailing from a rare lung condition and needs to undergo a transplant, according to the author of a new biography on the King of Pop.Author Ian Halperin said Jackson, 50, suffers from Alpha 1-antitrypsi deficiency, a condition that can be fatal.

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