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Miss Jones Reunites Her Morning Show Team on Her New Podcast: They Share a...

First and foremost, let us give Miss Jones her flowers as the first Black woman with her own morning show. DJ Envy credits Miss Jones for giving him his start in the industry so he took the time to share this moment on his IG account. Envy, who was part of the original crew and reunion show, shared that NY radio was so toxic back then and they shared his clip of an interview went Usher that was funny but went a little left. Check out the clip.

KKDA Racism Claims Start by Slave/Master Clock Question

Q, a radio DJ was let go from KKDA after he allegedly resigned on the air. Recently White Gary from DeDe in the Morning made reference to a clock that said "Slave and Master" on the back. Q then went off on White Gary and people from the station including former employee Claudia Jordan chimed in taking Q's side.

He’s Not a Businessman, He’s a Business Man – An Interview with DJ Envy

"I have a million-and-one jobs, but I will tell you the truth, when the money comes between the first and the fifth of the...