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Syleena Johnson Confronts Her Mother, Brenda Thompson on Fix My Life

R&B recording artist and reality star Syleena Johnson has invited her mother, Brenda Thompson, to live with her after Brenda began struggling with alcohol again. However, since Brenda moved in, Syleena says, she has cussed her daughter out on a daily basis, even in front of Syleena's sons.

Snoop Dogg: “Eat24 is the official sponsor of my munchies”

Today Eat24.com, the food delivery app & website revealed a surprising collaboration with international music icon snoop dogg aka Snoop Lion.

Feeling Sorry for Yourself? Watch this Video and Change Your MIND! (vid)

"I have survived 2 heart transplants, 1 kidney transplant, tracheostomy, gall bladder removal, pacemaker implantation, dialysis, diabetes, and a collapsed lung.

Matthew Modine Slated to Play the Man that Fired Steve Jobs

Film actor Matthew Modine has signed on to the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic entitled jOBS, which stars Ashton Kutcher as the late Apple...

Radio Facts Forum is Back!

The Radio Facts Forum is back to allow us to post the MANY different stories that we get on a daily basis outside of...

NIELSEN: 77% of American Adults Listen to Radio Daily

Nielsen, which analyzed behavioral data collected by the Council for Research Excellence in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Seattle in 2008 states broadcast radio reached 77% of American adults every day, making it second only to television, which garnered 95% daily reach.

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