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10 Things we can all Learn from former President Barack Obama

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: 10 Things we can all learn from President Barack ObamaRadio Facts: Originally posted September 6, 2013 – Former President Barack Obama has an impressive list of accomplishments during his two-term administration, which includes passing the health care reform, signing the economic Stimulus plan, ending the war [...]
Chance the Rapper to Bring Music Festival to Chicago's South Side

Chance the Rapper to Bring Music Festival to Chicago’s South Side

Digital and Radio Facts: Radio Facts: According to the Chicago Tribune, Chance the Rapper is trying to end the summer on smash in his hometown of Chicago. [...]

The Layoffs for CBS Radio Chicago Have Commenced

Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Monday morning it all began for the mass nationwide layoff of CBS Radio employees. Reportedly approximately 200 CBS Radio employees across the country are now updating their LinkedIn pages if you know what I mean. [...]

Lauryn Hill Disappoints Chicago Fans with a “Miserable” Set

Digital and Radio Facts: Lauryn Hill Disappoints Chicago Fans with a "Miserable" SetA Chicago Tribune concert reviewer states that Lauryn Hills performance last night at the Congress Theater was disastrous. [...]

Why Has WRKS Not Taken Tom Joyner yet…? read this

Radio Facts: We've learned that Reach Media or TJMS is so eager to get back into the NY market, WRKS, it would seem, would almost HAVE to accept the OUTRAGEOUS offer especially in this industry climate, but grab the nearest seat  for this... we hear RKS is... [...]



Transgender Woman in Car with Teddy Pendergrass Tells her side of...

Radio Facts: Teddy Pendergrass Car Accident - Transgender Woman in Accident with the Late Teddy Pendergrass Finally Speaks Out In 1982, Teddy Pendergrass was on top of the world. He had just exited the group that gave him his start, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. [...]