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Alleah Taylor Tells Story About Brutal Attack By Her Boyfriend Chad Wheeler

In her first interview broadcast interview since her attempted murder, Alleah Taylor speaks about what she endured when she was viciously attacked by her boyfriend Chad Wheeler. Initially Chad apologized via Twitter for this assault but now he has deleted those tweets. He has also pleaded not guilty after almost killing Alleah after she wouldn't bow down to him.

Nate Burleson Made Sure He Addressed Chad Wheeler’s Domestic Assault Before Signing Off

Kudos to Nate Burleson. While on his show, Good Morning Football, although it wasn't part of the plan, Burleson took it upon himself to address the brutal beating Seattle Seahawks player Chad Wheeler gave his girlfriend. While his fellow hosts looked somewhat stunned, Kay Adams was very appreciative of his comments. Check out the clip below to see what Nate had to say but also check out the pic below of the horrific damage Chad inflicted on his girlfriend. Apparently Wheeler suffers from bipolar disorder and stopped taking his meds.