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Inspirational Movies for Personal Growth

We are not only in a crisis right now we are in a world of (opportunity for) self-discovery and personal growth and that scares the dong out of many people. For the first time, an opportunity to absolve ourselves from the "responsibility" of making everybody and everything ELSE first and making ourselves last is a foreign concept. Yet, we are all still a work in progress.How can you say "I Love Myself" when you don't even KNOW yourself? It is no wonder that so many people are terrified of spending too much time alone.

Hilarious: DL Hughley Chimes in on Jada Pinkett’s Oscar Boycott

Jada's impassioned, kind and sweet video was so pure and full of love that just about anything that she said would have made sense, then Janet Hubert (Aunt Viv) came along and busted the bubble leaving people scratching their heads yet taking both sides.Jada is correct, we have to stop begging white people to love and accept us but the time for her to make her plea is not when it's so incredibly self-serving (because Will didn't get a nomination for Concussion).