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How Many Black Fathers Feel Like Robert Horry: If a Cop Ends You, I...

It is truly rough out here in these streets for Black people when it comes to systemic racism and police brutality. We all know the conversation Black parents have to have with their children about interacting with the cops. Police brutality is dominating the news cycle. Robert Horry now joins the list of Black men becoming emotional on television when talking about the attempted murder of Jacob Blake and the countless other Black victims that have died by the hands of police.

Free Radio Tribute Specials For Baker, Junstrom

Free Radio Tribute Specials For Baker, JunstromEnvision Networks® and Suite Radio’s The Rock have teamed to pay tribute to two more rock icons that the world lost in the last week. The tributes to iconic drummer, Ginger Baker and southern rock bassist, Larry Junstrom are FREE to any station that wants to air them. Each tribute is being shared as a sle of the forthcoming radio show called “Long Live Rock.”Ginger Baker was “rock’s first superstar drummer” after cofounding Cream. He joined Eric Clapton in Blind Faith and played with the Sex Pistols’ Johnny Lydon in Public Image Ltd.