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Are Black Male Celebrities Being Unfairly Targeted by Gay Organizations?

Digital and Radio Facts:  Cleo Manago   Outs GLAAD As "Blackophobic" and Questions Whether GLAAD   Has the Credibility to Bring Down a [...]

Ten Things Martin Luther King Jr Might Be Surprised, Disappointed or Inspired by Today.

Even Dr. King would probably be surprised that there is a black president in the white house. [...]

NEW DEALS: Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson Talks about New Digital Business Deal

Digital and Radio Facts: Great to see black men step up their game and stretch the 15 minutes of fame and [...]

15 Min of Walmart Fame? What was the cause of this fight?

Digital and Radio Facts: Phone cameras are dangerous for the black community. [...]

BLACK IN AMERICA 2: Why Black Men Don,t Go to the Doctor (vid)

Digital and Radio Facts: I'd like to add to this story that drug companies and marketing agencies don't usually have black [...]

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