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House Music’s Colonel Abrams, Homeless and in Poor Health, Crowdfunding Caign Established

WBLS’ Shaila and Colonel Abrams during a celebration to raise money for him in Jan of 2016UPDATE: Colonel Abrams has Died (click here) Originally posted December 9, 2015 – Former MCA recording artist Colonel Abrams is reportedly in very poor health and homeless and in need of financial assistance.The eighties singer had several hits on the now defunct MCA label including "Trapped", "How Soon We Forget" and "Not Gonna Let." The organizers of a fundraiser, including Don Welch and Tony “Tune” Herbert, are calling on Abrams fans and industry contacts to donate whatever they can to help the former house

Gary Lycan: Radio in 2008: Nowhere to go but up next year

On the radio: Stations hire and fire, many favorites vanish and meters track listening habits.We're heading into 2009, so it's time to look back at 2008. Next week, we'll look at radio's future. This week, radio's recent past, and sad to say overall it's been a terrible year.Radio revenues have declined for 19 straight months. Local radio revenues were reportedly off 21 percent, national revenue off 24 percent in November. One analysis called it the worst month in more than 20 years.