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Who is Cathy Hughes? A Radio Industry Icon (interview)

Kevin Ross
Icon, legend, visionary, entrepreneur, leader, and royalty are just a few words that come to mind when describing the. incomparable Cathy Hughes. There can’t be a...
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Jay-Z Affirms Netflix’s ‘The Harder They Fall’ “Widens the lens”

Ayanna Cymone
Wednesday, Netflix released The Harder They Fall, an all-Black, American Western film, on their streaming services. Set in the wild west, the film follows the...
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Jay-Z Gets Rid of His Instagram After 1 Day

Jasmine Farrell
In under 24 hours, Jay-Z snagged 1.5 million followers on Instagram, and then......

Are We Really That Surprised by Jon Gruden?

On Jon Gruden: Dave Chappelle, who is no stranger to controversy, recently said in his Netflix special, The Closer, "If you listen to what I'm...
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Can Commercial Radio Stations Survive Streaming Music, Apps and Social Media?

Kevin Ross
Over the years of doing a Radio site targeting radio stations and the music industry, I’ve seen podcasting, audiobooks, music streaming, and online voice-over portals...