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Exclusive: Lamar Odom Talks Sobriety & Kardashians

 Lamar Odom sits down for an exclusive interview with Wendy Williams.  Wendy who was visibly emotional asks all the questions the public wants to know.  Lamar discusses sobriety, his family, Khloe Kardashian, and much more.  Check out this exclusive interview below.

Debra Lee’s 2016 PRE Party Pics

Chairman and CEO of BET Debra L.

Janet Jackson Gets Drilled by British Host (funny audio)

This host asks a couple of funny questions about Janet's previous CD cover. She still looks great.

New TV Series Life Unexpected Centers Around Local Morning Show DJ (remember those?)

Guest Review from Radio SurvivorLast night I checked out the premiere of a new television series on the CW called Life Unexpected, largely because one of the main characters is a radio dj.

OH NO: NY Paper Asks Why Tyler Perry Won't Come Out of the WHAT?

Radio Facts: I decided to kill the link. Tyler Perry is a great, talented and ambitious black man. That's all the public...