Kristoff St. John Found Dead in LA’s San Fernando Valley, Previously Placed under Suicide...

Originally posted Feb 4th 2019 – It's hard to believe it's been a little over a year sine Kristoff St. John was found dead in his home.I literally JUST saw him at Starbucks in Woodland Hills a few weeks ago and had a conversation with him. He appeared to be in good spirits and looked like the picture of health but at the end of the day, you NEVER know what people are dealing with.Kristoff St.

Singer Tank Responds to Lip Service Segment about Sex Between Men, Says People Are...

The internet went nuts when the singer Tank said that a man who has oral sex with another man once or twice doesn't mean he is necessarily gay. The entire show is very interesting and NSFW. The brutal honesty on the show shows that there is a double standard when it comes to men and sexuality, especially from other black men.BLACK MAN COMES OUT TO HIS "FRIEND" THEN THIS HAPPENS...It was not an admission of any kind but social media respondents quickly attacked Tank's sexuality for saying what he said.

African American Spending Habits Demands Marketers Missing the Mark with Advertising

Nielsen's Latest Report Reveals How Technology and Culture Drive Black BuyingAfrican Americans want more for themselves and from corporate America, and they express it with their dollars as they move through the consumer journey, from brand awareness to purchase, as revealed today in Nielsen's 2019 Diverse Intelligence Series (DIS) Report on African Americans.It's in the Bag: Black Consumers' Path to Purchase explores the non-linear and uniquely technologically driven road that African Americans follow to make purchasing decisions, which ultimately maximizes both online and in-person shopping options.

Wild Wings Update on 25 Black Patrons Asked to leave Restaurant Two Years ago

Radio Facts: Two years ago 25 black patrons were asked to leave Wild Wings restaurant North Charleston. An employee of the restaurant contacted radiofactsorg.wpengine.com in...

Digital and Radio Facts Drive Thru Interview: Melanie Fiona

With a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional R&B Performance for "Wrong Side Of A Love Song," the already Grammy Award winning singer, Melanie Fiona is living "The MF Life" to the fullest. The canadian born R&B vocalist is talented as they come and she is absolutely honored and feels blessed that she gets to share those gifts with the world. Digital and Radio Facts had a chance to talk to Ms.

OH NO: Tupac’s Mother Trying to Hault Production of Biopic

Tupac's Estate Seeks Millions in Damages for Interference with Economic Benefit and DeceitAmaru logo LOS ANGELES, CA - Lawyers for Amaru Entertainment filed a cross-complaint against Morgan Creek Productions and James Robinson, Don Hardison and LT Hutton, individuals involved in Morgan Creek's executive affairs. The cross-complaint was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, March 16, 2009.

WHUR 96.3 FM Brings Together Musicians for Holiday DVD/CD Charity Project

Radio Facts: "NATIONAL RECORDING ARTISTS FIGHT BACK AGAINST HUNGER"WHUR 96.3 FM Brings Together Musicians for Holiday DVD/CD Charity ProjectWashington, D.C., (December 16, 2008) -...